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In May, as EU citizens we will be called to elect our new representatives at the European Parliament. This democratic choice will be essential to make sure they push on our behalf to shape the kind of Europe we want to live in. And an improved European Investment Bank (EIB) should be part of their scope.

Counter Balance will address the Members of the next European Parliament with a manifesto outlining the key steps for a much-needed reform of the EU bank, and call for their commitment to make such reform a political priority of their mandate.

Join us in calling for a reformed EIB, one that uses your money in the public interest.

Sign the petition below!

To the Members of the next European Parliament

As European citizens, we call on you and the European Parliament to steer the European Investment Bank towards a sustainable path and ensure it enhances its contribution to the transformation of the European economy and society in the public interest.

In particular, we need your support in order for the EIB to:

1. Become a climate leader
2. Become a more democratic institution
3. Prioritise human rights
4. Improve the quality control of its investments

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>> Read the full text of our call to the next European Parliament.

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