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Parliament gets tough on control of EU Bank’s funds

In its annual resolution on the European Investment Bank adopted today in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament have criticised the bank’s support to projects under corruption investigations. They also called on the EIB to go further on fighting climate change, tax evasion and tax dodging. Counter Balance and CEE Bankwatch Network welcome the positions […]

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EU Ombudsman urges EIB to disclose investigation into Glencore tax allegations in Zambia

EIB’s failure to disclose the investigation and respect its own transparency policy is an instance of maladministration, says EU Ombudsman. EIB is urged again to make the investigation public. Ruling shows the EU’s public bank needs to become more transparent. Brussels – After Glencore’s tax practices, through which it allegedly shifted profits from Zambia to […]

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flying in the face of development

Flying in the face of development – how the EIB enables tax havens

This study shows that many projects and beneficiaries funded by EIB money involve tax havens and transnational companies that use them for tax purposes. Tax evasion and avoidance from developing countries represents a significant multiple of global overseas development assistance every year. This leakage is facilitated by tax havens, which provide infrastructure and services to […]

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