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Drawing lessons from the European Investment Bank’s external lending: supporting private sector development, undermining local communities’ development

With regards to the European Commission’s public consultation process Counter Balance has submitted its considerations on the Green Paper on “EU development policy in support of  inclusive growth and sustainable development: Improving the impact of EU development policy”. Our major concern is the overall focus on the private sector involvement as an engine for inclusive […]

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From the producers of ‘Financial Crisis: The Meltdown’: THE MONSTER THAT ATE DEVELOPMENT. Coming soon to a Southern economy near you

Development finance used to be simple. Development banks lent to ‘developing’ countries, using loan conditionalities that precisely stopped those countries from developing, to do big, unpleasant, socially damaging projects, and it was our job as activists to stop them. And how we complained, about project standards and disclosure policies and EIAs. Well, to quote the […]

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