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First overhaul the investment bank for a greener EU

Originally published on EU Observer. By Adriana Paradiso In a few weeks, as European citizens we will be called to elect our new representatives at the European Parliament. This democratic choice will be essential to make sure they push on our behalf to shape the kind of Europe we want to live in. And an […]

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European Union fails to eliminate fossil fuels from the Juncker Investment Plan

December 12, 2017 Brussels While EU leaders are discussing climate finance at the One Planet Summit in Paris, today the European Parliament failed once again to prevent further public investments in fossil fuels. A decision made in the European Parliament turns a blind eye to the Juncker plan’s investments in energy projects which have so […]

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For European public finance, where will all roads lead from Paris?

By Fidanka McGrath (EBRD policy officer), Anna Roggenbuck (EIB policy officer) and Markus Trilling (EU funds policy offer, originally published by Bankwatch. Signing the Paris Agreement is an important step in Europe’s contribution to the global effort to tackle the climate crisis. But funding this commitment necessarily passes through the public coffers. To kick-start the […]

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