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New Counter Balance report:“Lack of scrutiny of EIB investments allows companies to free ride in Panama”

A new Counter Balance report, ‘Dire Straits: EIB investments in Panama and their impacts on indigenous communities, workers and the environment’, investigates three recent projects in Panama: the expansion of the Canal, and two hydro-electrical projects – Dos Mares and Barro Blanco. The international companies[1] running the projects get away with workers right’s violations and […]

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More Western Banking Will Not Help the Mediterranean Pro-Democracy Struggle

Appeared in Truthout Writing for the Washington Post on March 10, 2011, David Ignatius reported that “White House officials like” the idea of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) being given a role as “a bank for economic and political transition” in Egypt and neighboring countries. The US stance is important because this […]

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