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Development in Reverse – Episode 1: Ombudsman bashes EIB for mishandling a mining fiasco

Brussels – In an unprecedented ruling, the European Ombudsman concluded that the European Investment Bank (EIB) mishandled complaints about a major mining project it financed in Madagascar. The Ombudsman ruled maladministration for the EIB massive delays in handling the case and highlighted the poor monitoring on the implementation of the project on the ground. The […]

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Report: Towards a reinforced accountability architecture for the European Investment Bank

‘Towards a reinforced accountability architecture for the European Investment Bank’ proposes a number of crucial reforms to guarantee democratic oversight, transparency and quality of the lending of the EU’s financial arm in the pivotal year of 2015. On paper the EIB has one of the best developed Complaint Mechanisms guaranteeing downward accountability to all citizens […]

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EIB Complaints Mechanism is empty box

Today Counter Balance is filing a complaint against the European Investment Bank (EIB) at the European Ombudsman [1]. The Complaints Mechanism of the Bank seems unable to function appropriately. Almost two years after a complaint on the Bujagali hydropower project [2] in Uganda, the Complaints Office still did not come to a conclusion, this due […]

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