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Not Funny: European Investment Bank Hoax!

I want to tell you a funny thing about the European Investment Bank. But first, some background: I’m Mike Bonanno, and I’m a Yes Man. For over fifteen years, my friend Andy and I have been impersonating some of the worlds largest, nastiest and most criminal corporations. We’ve posed as the likes of Exxon, Halliburton, […]

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EIB hoax – coal down award [full video]

A European Investment Bank (EIB) that would cease lending to coal projects and eventually all fossil fuels is still a dream. However last Thursday we dreamed out loud and imagined how it would be. Effects would be tremendous: the EIB could play a leading role in decarbonising Europe’s energy infrastructure, it would be applauded by […]

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Why the EIB got the ‘Coal Down’ award

After a fake press release in which the EIB ‘announced’ its divestment from coal, activists stroke again the next day during the Bank’s annual press conference. In name of EU citizens, President Werner Hoyer received the 2013 ‘World Coal Down’ award. Unfortunately he had to enfeeble the rumours of the EIB’s coal divestment, saying it […]

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