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EVENT: Roundtable on EIB

On March 3rd, Counter Balance is organising a high level roundtable discussion on the European Investment Bank and the current state of play, as well as the future challenges. Register by clicking here, or by clicking the invitation below.

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Reality check: On the European Investment Bank’s willingness to fight fraud

Guest article by Dr. Daniel Beizsley (freelance researcher focusing on corporate crime and organisational malpractice) Over the last few months European Investment Bank (EIB) officials from the bank’s anti-fraud division have published 2 posts on the popular FCPA blog outlining steps the bank takes to prevent prohibited conduct in its operations and on its retroactive […]

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Help Reform the EIB!

Sign the petition for an improved EU bank. In May, as EU citizens we will be called to elect our new representatives at the European Parliament. This democratic choice will be essential to make sure they push on our behalf to shape the kind of Europe we want to live in. And an improved European […]

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