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Tracking the records of development banks in the Middle East and North Africa: towards a new development paradigm for the region?

Launch debate and presentation of the report “The Great Middle East Beanfeast – How ‘Development’ Banks are Using Public-Private Partnerships to Carve Up the Arab Spring Countries” Remember the Arab spring, the wave of popular revolts that hit several Arab countries in 2011. They initially resulted in the ousting of cruel dictators and brought about […]

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Fueling an anti-development machine

So you’re a development bank and you have a problem: corruption associated with projects you fund. What are you going to do? You could hire independent investigators with punitive powers. You could increase penalties, like retraction of loans and heavy fines and bans. There are lots of other ideas in international anti-corruption agreements, some of […]

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From the producers of ‘Financial Crisis: The Meltdown’: THE MONSTER THAT ATE DEVELOPMENT. Coming soon to a Southern economy near you

Development finance used to be simple. Development banks lent to ‘developing’ countries, using loan conditionalities that precisely stopped those countries from developing, to do big, unpleasant, socially damaging projects, and it was our job as activists to stop them. And how we complained, about project standards and disclosure policies and EIAs. Well, to quote the […]

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