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VIDEO: The song of the EIB

On the occasion of the EU elections 2019, Counter Balance and its partners call the citizens’ attention on the bank of the EU – the European Investment Bank (EIB). What does it do? What are the challenges it has gone through so far? What the aspects that need improvement? And what can the citizens do […]

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Help Reform the EIB!

Sign the petition for an improved EU bank. In May, as EU citizens we will be called to elect our new representatives at the European Parliament. This democratic choice will be essential to make sure they push on our behalf to shape the kind of Europe we want to live in. And an improved European […]

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What happens when the EU bank’s directors meet?

For the first time, Counter Balance managed to access the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank, the EU’s house bank. As a matter of public interest, we are publishing those minutes here: EIB Board of Directors Meeting Feb 2015. The EIB directors, representing the shareholders of the […]

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