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Help Reform the EIB!

Sign the petition for an improved EU bank. In May, as EU citizens we will be called to elect our new representatives at the European Parliament. This democratic choice will be essential to make sure they push on our behalf to shape the kind of Europe we want to live in. And an improved European […]

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Gaining control – a parliamentarian toolkit to get the EIB back on track

With this toolkit Counter Balance wants to engage parliamentarians to monitor the European Investment Bank more closely. The ‘EU Bank’ is the biggest public bank in the world. Last year it spent EUR 61 billion and another EUR 60 billion will be added in the coming years to fight the economic crisis. The bigger it […]

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Lending to a violent military government in the name of the Arab Spring

Pictures of the brutal violence perpetrated by the Egyptian army in Tahrir Square in recent days have shown the world who is ruling post-revolutionary Egypt. Although democratic elections are taking place for the first time in the country, a military government will still guide a transition at a minimum for most of 2012 until a […]

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