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Report exposes how PPPs across the world drain the public purse, and fail to deliver in the public interest

From the complete failure of the Castor Project in Spain, to an overpriced hospital in Sweden, projects financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) make no exception to the list of PPP disasters compiled in this new joint report. Brussels/Bali, 8 October 2018 History RePPPeated: How public private partnerships are failing, launched on the occasion […]

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Where now for the Project Bonds Initiative?

As  the  pilot  phase  of  the  Project  Bond  Initiative  descends  into  acrimony  amid  the closure of its flagship pilot project, the recent downgrading of the Castor bonds to junk status and the Spanish government’s announcement that it expects to compensate investors  for  the  project,  it  is  hard  to  imagine  that  this  is  what  the  European […]

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