Archive | June, 2020

EIB’s plans to become ‘EU Climate Bank’ too weak according to NGOs

Today, 34 NGOs sent an open letter to Werner Hoyer, the President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), urging him to deliver on the EIB climate commitments. The EIB is currently developing its Climate Bank Roadmap in order to align all its operations with the objectives of the Paris Agreement. This process is set to […]

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A key opportunity for EU governments to make the EIB a driver for a green and just recovery

Today, the 27 Finance Ministers of the EU member states are gathering in Brussels as Governors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) to discuss the future priorities of the bank. A key objective for this meeting must be to ensure that the role of the EIB in the EU recovery package is compatible with the […]

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EU Watchdog Radio – Episode 6: In the name of innovation

In the sixth episode Martin Pigeon, researcher and campaigner at CEO and Marine Ejuryan, Advocacy manager at ‘Global Health Advocates’ (GHA) explain the content of two in-depth and damning reports they just published; These reports are about how, in the name of innovation, industrial lobbies have managed to control the use of at least 3.6 […]

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