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The European Investment Bank must not ditch its commitment to the climate

We call on the bank to face the future and become a more sustainable, transparent and accountable institution.

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Parliamentary hearing: The role of the EIB in the aftermath of the COVID-crisis

On May 26, 2020 the European Parliament Committees on Budget and on Economy organised a hearing on the role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the response to the COVID-19 crisis. Counter Balance was invited to join the hearing. Our Director, Xavier Sol, took the floor to explain what we believe should be the […]

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The Road Less Travelled: How the European Investment Bank’s Climate Roadmap 2021-2025 can lead it to become the climate bank

This report by CEE Bankwatch summarises the EIB’s undertakings on the road towards becoming the EU’s Climate Bank. It presents our findings on the implementation of the EIB’s 2015 Climate Strategy and looks at the results of the Bank’s climate action in the EU and enlargement countries. It also puts forward recommendations to the Bank. […]

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The Juncker Plan and the promotion of Public Private Partnerships: lessons learnt for future economic recovery measures?

In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, this question holds a significant importance, as there are vivid discussions taking place around the public provision of essential public services and risks linked to privatisations. And looking back into how EU public finance has performed in the recent past is an important exercise for mistakes not to be repeated in future economic recovery plans at European level […]

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EU Watchdog Radio – Episode 5: Can we trust financial institutions to manage climate change?

In the fifth episode, we talk about the role of big financial institutions or companies in the economic recovery and Green Deal.

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