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High time for EU bank to better tackle fraud and corruption in its investments

Last week, dramatic news came from Italy: a state of emergency had to be declared in Venice following dramatic floods – the city was engulfed by 1.87m high water levels. One question now very much on the minds of those affected is why a much-vaunted multi-billion dollar flood protection scheme, known as the MOSE project, […]

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New investigation reveals how the EU’s Bank fails to tackle fraud and corruption in its investments

19 November 2019 Investments made by the European Investment Bank are wide open to abuse by fraudsters, money-launders and corrupt politicians, according to a damming new investigation by Counter Balance. Although, on paper, the Bank has controls in place to reduce the risk of fraud and corruption, the Bank’s policies are poorly policed and full […]

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World’s largest multilateral bank ends fossil fuels financing

14 November 2019 Brussels, Prague — Bankwatch, Counter Balance and a growing number of civil society groups have long been calling on the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU’s house bank, to recognise the urgency of stemming the climate crisis and stop handing out public money to fossil fuel projects. Today, November 14, the bank’s […]

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