Archive | December, 2017

New study challenges the infrastructure mega-corridors agenda

We live in an age of what might be termed “extreme infrastructure”, and “Mega-corridors” are its most visible manifestation. A new study by Counter Balance calls attention on this pervading global agenda and identifies the risks associated with it. While infrastructure corridors are not new, their expansion has now reached an unimagined extreme scale. New […]

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€1.5 billion public loan for controversial pipeline withheld

December 12, 2017 Prague, Brussels, Berlin Today, at a board meeting in Luxembourg the European Investment Bank (EIB) has decided, for now, not to waste €1.5 billion in public funds on the controversial Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). A growing number of civil society groups are calling on the EIB not to fund this fossil fuel pipeline. […]

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European Union fails to eliminate fossil fuels from the Juncker Investment Plan

December 12, 2017 Brussels While EU leaders are discussing climate finance at the One Planet Summit in Paris, today the European Parliament failed once again to prevent further public investments in fossil fuels. A decision made in the European Parliament turns a blind eye to the Juncker plan’s investments in energy projects which have so […]

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