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New report exposes the lobbying power of the gas industry promoting the Southern Gas Corridor

Heavy lobbying from the gas industry could see us locked into fossil fuels for another 40-50 years. Rather than focusing on renewable energy and reducing demand, the EU and its governments want to build a new generation of pipelines and other gas infrastructure. The Southern Gas Corridor is an emblematic project supported by the industry […]

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“Nature destruction cannot be compensated for” say NGOs warning communities against biodiversity offsetting

Brussels/Rome, 26 October 2017 As the world’s forests, lands and waters keep being destroyed, the people whose livelihoods are deeply linked to these places cannot continue their way of life and are often pushed into poverty and hunger. At the same time, the very actors profiting from this destruction have found a way to come […]

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Major European loan to controversial Azerbaijani gas pipeline risks fuelling corruption, human rights abuse and climate change

October 18, 2017 Prague, Brussels A USD 500 million loan approved today by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the construction of the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) would enable this massive fossil fuels project while overlooking the continued repression of civil society and media in both Azerbaijan and Turkey. Traversing Turkey, from […]

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