Archive | March, 2016

“Walking the Line” of the Southern Gas Corridor: the Webocumentary

Counter Balance, Platform and Re:Common are pleased to announce the launch of the webdocumentary “Walking the Line”. This webdocumentary presents the risks associated with the Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline or Southern Gas Corridor. One of the biggest pipelines ever conceived, the corridor is supposed to stretch 3500 km from Azerbaijan to Italy and supply Europe with […]

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EIB set to finance motorway under corruption investigation in Italy

Despite ongoing anti-corruption investigations at national level and calls from the European Parliament not to finance the Passante di Mestre project, the European Investment Bank (EIB) is about to finance the motorway via its Project Bond Initiative. By Elena Gerebizza, Re:common On February 16th the rating agency Moody assigned a provisional A3 rating to the […]

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Do not fund Southern Gas Corridor with EU money

The flashbulbs at Azerbaijan’s official photo opportunities should not blind Europe’s leaders to the country’s accelerated descent into authoritarianism, writes Xavier Sol. This article originally appeared on Euractiv. A leap year comes just twice in a decade, but the Southern Gas Corridor, the series of pipelines intended to feed Europe with gas from the Caspian […]

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