Archive | February, 2016

A High Risk Global Infrastructure Agenda: the Role of Multilateral Development Banks

Last but not least, the third of our series of papers on infrastructure megaprojects focuses on Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and their role in supporting the new global infrastructure agenda. As vast expenditures in infrastructure megaprojects are increasingly justified as a means to enhance the life of communities and stimulate economies, Multilateral Development Banks together […]

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A Growing Threat on Debt: the New Global Infrastructure Agenda

Here’s the second of our analysis papers on the new global infrastructure agenda, this time focusing on the debt risks linked to the current promotion of mega-corridors of large-scale infrastructure projects.   As the world economic crisis of 2008 pushed leaders to find renewed recipes for growth, jobs and prosperity, large infrastructure projects appeared as […]

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Danger Ahead: New Global Infrastructure Agenda Could Lock-in Fossil Fuel Technology

Promoted as a “magic bullet” that will lift our economies out of the economic crisis, infrastructure megaprojects are taking a more and more prominent role in the global development model. Governments and development banks financing dams, motorways, oil and gas pipelines are more committed than ever to filling in the supposed “infrastructure gap”. And the […]

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