Archive | November, 2015

Can the European Investment Bank Become a Leader in Climate Issues?

The European Investment Bank is poised to see its role bolstered in Europe with the new European Commission’s investment plan. But while certain governments are jeopardising Europe’s climate goals for 2030, the self-proclaimed “Eu Bank” is putting an end to its climate-harming practices and has finally earned its position as frontrunner in fighting climate change […]

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Audit report squanders opportunity to address EIB development effectiveness

The European Court of Auditors yesterday released a long-overdue report evaluating an important financing mechanism of the EU development cooperation. However, the audit of the European Investment Bank’s ACP Investment Facility takes a purely financial perspective on the mechanism, instead of looking at results delivered on key development objectives. As it stands, the audit offers […]

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Mega-infrastructure as “structural adjustment 2.0”

By Antonio Tricarico, Re:Common, Italy and Xavier Sol, Counter Balance, Brussels, and previously published by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung North America. The revived love for mega-infrastructure at the time of the crisis The Group of 20 (G20) is promoting a new global programme for mega-infrastructure as one of the key antidotes for sluggish growth. Encouraged by the G20, […]

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