Archive | October, 2015

Up in smoke: the billions for Europe’s auto industry from the EU’s house bank

By Anna Roggenbuck, EIB campaign coordinator at CEE Bankwatch Network, cross-posted here.   In the wake of last month’s Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal, a Politico story, based on a Bankwatch analysis, revealed that the car manufacturer enjoyed generous public financial support from the European Investment Bank (EIB). But the full picture is even more disturbing. […]

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The Juncker Plan: A genuine opportunity for the Parliament to scrutinise the EIB

For years the European Parliament has struggled to properly oversee the European Investment Bank. In fact, even if the EIB is engaging in a more regular dialogue with the EP, the bank still largely ignores the recommendations of the European Parliament. With the new EU guarantee awarded for EIB operations in the framework of the […]

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