Archive | August, 2015

The new European investment plan

A critical analysis of financial instruments and infrastructure financing   In November 2014 the European Commission announced a new Investment Plan that is to “unlock” €300 billion of investments in the “real economy between 2015 and 2017. The plan was promoted as a paradigm shift and crucial to lead Europe out of the current crisis. […]

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“Italian Malaffare, European money”

Or how the European Union funds Italian mega projects linked to corruption Italy’s got a bad reputation of bribing and institutionalised corruption, everybody knows that. Even the European Union. Nevertheless, it does not contradict the mega projects mantra. In fact, there is an institution that never refrains from helping our companies in constructing mega projects. […]

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EU is pushing biodiversity offsetting through the backdoor

Last year the European Commission was forced to ditch its plans to develop legislation on biodiversity offsetting after EU citizens overwhelmingly rejected such plans in a public consultation. Nevertheless this set back doesn’t seem to withhold the European Commission from pushing biodiversity offsetting forward in practice. Together with the European Investment Bank (EIB) it is […]

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