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TAP, Energy security and human rights

When it comes to securing energy supply, human rights principles are easily set aside it seems as EU leaders will be attending the signing ceremony of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Azerbaijan tomorrow. by Emma Hughes, External Energy Policy Officer, Platform and Elena Gerebizza, Energy and Climate Campaigner, Counter Balance, originally appeared on BlogActiv Citizens of Azerbaijan […]

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Natural capital: a fairytale with an unhappy ending

The idea of putting a price on nature to protect it is gaining ground. End of November big companies, banks, governments and even the United Nations gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland for the first World Forum on Natural Capital (WFNC). We were present as well. Not to join their party but to resist the idea that […]

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Extractive Energy: How the EU ETS exacerbates climate change

Our colleagues from Carbon Trade Watch have recently published this report questioning the EU’s dependency on fossil fuels and the role of the EU ETS. Energy in the EU is dominated by fossil fuels. About 77% of energy used by the average European citizen is met by oil, gas and coal. Nuclear power provides an […]

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