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Revision of the European Investment Bank’s anti-fraud policy happens outside of political reality

 BRUSSELS – On the 23rd of April the EIB will approve its revised anti-fraud policy. What should have been an open process taking into account current political commitments against tax evasion and money laundering and recent investigations by the European anti-fraud office OLAF into projects financed by the EIB, will turn out to be a […]

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Letter to request to delay board approval of EIB revised anti-fraud policy

Download the letters (PDF) the EIB president and Comissioner Olli Rhen 

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NGO report busts the myths of the Emissions Trading Scheme

 Why it must be replaced with direct action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions Brussels, April 15th– The European Parliament votes tomorrow on the European Commission’s proposal to backload 900 million emissions permits within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). This vote assumes the EU ETS can be reformed, but ahead of the vote, a […]

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