Archive | August, 2012

EIB and extractive industries

EIB and extractive industries While the extraction of natural resources or fossil fuels (so called extractive industries) often holds the promise of huge wealth generation for those exploiting it, their ability to contribute to poverty alleviation remains questionable. Resource rich countries are often among the poorest and most politically unstable in the world. Struck by […]

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The EIB and financial intermediaries

There are many forms of financial intermediation, but here we will look at the ones which are supported by the EIB. Like other IFIs it provides loans and investments to banks and investment funds who act as the intermediaries. These intermediaries are then required to on lend that money, usually in the case of the […]

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EIB and (lack of) standards

The EIB does not commit itself to operational environmental and social procedures; instead it relies on the individual EU Member States environmental legal framework. Outside the EU it also relies on the borrowers’ ability to conduct environmental and social impact assessment in compliance with the general EIB Statement on Environmental and Social Principles and Standards. […]

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