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Parliament’s vote on EIB’s external lending gives contradicting signals

On February 17th, the European Parliament voted on the conditions for the European Investment Bank (EIB) to lend outside the European Union until the end of the current framework (2007-2013)*. With a vast majority the Parliament called for transforming the EIB into a more democratic, transparent and accountable institution but at the same time it […]

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Doing good

I’m quiet new in the development sector (or should I say business?). It’s an intriguing world where everybody has his say except for those really affected. To prevent myself from falling behind, please allow me to say something as well. I want to share one of the most important lessons I learnt in the short […]

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The EIB’s malignant myths

By David Cronin in New Europe Does Philippe Maystadt have the cushiest job in the EU bureaucracy? For the past eleven years, Maystadt has been president of the European Investment Bank. It is a post that has required him to move from his native Belgium to Luxembourg but that drawback has been compensated for by […]

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Zambian media coverage of Mopani audit

POST NEWSPAPER 1. Mopani is dodging taxes – CSOs -10 Feb. 2011 2. Mopani, taxes -10 Feb. 2011, 3. Prof Saasa urges govt to re-think its position on mining taxes– 11 Feb. 2011 4. Windfall tax justified– 12 Feb. 2011 5. Nawakwi demands audit of all mines -12 Feb. 2011 6. Foreign mine owners have […]

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source: European Parliament

A vote for development

On Thursday the European Parliament votes for the first time on the reviewed mandate of the European Investment Bank (EIB) to lend outside of the EU. The EIB lends EUR 10 billion outside of the EU, but its last mandate to do so was struck down by the European Court of Justice, in part because […]

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Publicly funded Swiss company is dodging taxes in Zambia

Joint press release by Counter Balance, Eurodad, Tax Justice Network and CTPD A Swiss mining company, funded with EU development monies, is siphoning its profits out of Zambia without paying taxes. Instead it is putting the money into a tax haven, Switzerland, according to a document leaked to the Counter Balance coalition . Mopani Copper […]

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Zambia Says Glencore-Owned Mine May Have Erred on Taxes

By Anthony Mukwit in Business Week (Bloomberg) Zambian authorities say there may have been “irregularities” in tax submissions by Glencore International AG’s Mopani Copper Mines Plc, the director general of the country’s revenue authority said. “If we establish that there is a shortfall in what Mopani submitted, they may have to settle the difference and […]

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La Bei e l’Ue al centro dello scandalo della Mopani Copper Mine dello Zambia

In LIVORNO. Eurodad, Tax Justice Network, Ctpd e Counter Balance – Réformer la Bei, una colazione di Ong di cui fanno parte anche Campagna per la Riforma della Banca Mondiale (Crbm Italia) Cee Bankwatch Network (Europa centrale e orientale), les Amis de la Terre (Francia), Urgewald e Weed (Germania), BothEnds (Olanda), Bretton Woods Project […]

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En Zambie, les mines de Glencore font tout pour échapper au fisc

Par Pierre-Alexandre Sallier in Le Temps Un rapport accable les tours de passe-passe du conglomérat domicilié à Zoug Minoration des ventes, inflation artificielle des coûts… Alors que son passage sous le frontispice de la bourse de Londres est annoncé pour les prochains mois, Glencore voit ses activités minières en Zambie mises à l’index par un […]

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