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80% des financements de la BEI en Zambie sont allés au secteur minier pourtant controversé

Par Agnes Sinai in Actu-Environement – Alors que le prix de la tonne de cuivre a atteint un record historique à 9015 dollars le 9 novembre, l’expert zambien Savior Mwamba, directeur du Centre pour le commerce et le développement, estime que la Banque européenne d’investissement devrait cesser de financer les compagnies minières. Actu Environnement : […]

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[Speakers Tour] Mining baleful for development

In the beginning of December 2010 Counter Balance members – Bankwatch Network, urgewald and les Amis de la Terre – organised a speakers tour with Saviour Mwambwa from the Centre for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD), a Zambian NGO. The Tour visited Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and France to convince policy makers, students and civil […]

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The Private Sector Turn – a conference on the increasing shift from public to private funding in development finance

On November 22nd 2010, Counter Balance and the Bretton Woods Project hosted a conference in London on The Private Sector Turn – the increasing shift from public to private funding in development finance, the forms it takes and what it means for activists and affected people. An illuminating summary and audio bites of the conference […]

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From the producers of ‘Financial Crisis: The Meltdown’: THE MONSTER THAT ATE DEVELOPMENT. Coming soon to a Southern economy near you

Development finance used to be simple. Development banks lent to ‘developing’ countries, using loan conditionalities that precisely stopped those countries from developing, to do big, unpleasant, socially damaging projects, and it was our job as activists to stop them. And how we complained, about project standards and disclosure policies and EIAs. Well, to quote the […]

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Hilfsgelder für sambische Kupfermine in der Kritik

In epo – Kurz vor dem Besuch von Entwicklungsminister Dirk Niebel (FDP) in Sambia hat die Umweltorganisation urgewald gemeinsam mit europäischen Partnern einen Bericht zum fragwürdigen Entwicklungs-Beitrag des Kupferbergbaus in Sambia veröffentlicht. Der Bericht “The Mopani copper mine, Zambia – How European development money has fed a mining scandal” untersucht die Probleme der Mopani-Kupfermine, zu […]

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Cover Mopani report

The Mopani copper mine, Zambia – How European development money has fed a mining scandal

The Mopani copper mine’s contributions to Zambia’s economy and budget are inexistent, the mining company’s social policy is marked by a race to the bottom and it leaves a devastating impact on the environment. This is the conclusion of the report “The Mopani copper mine, Zambia – How European development has fed a mining scandal”, […]

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EU money earmarked for African development winds up in tax havens and African banks, report claims

By Leah Hyslop  in The Telegraph – A new report alleges that the European Investment Bank’s lending practices in Africa facilitate tax evasion and corruption. Counter Balance, a coalition of NGOs dedicated to challenging the European Investment Bank (EIB), issued the report, entitled Hit and run development: some things the EIB would rather you didn’t […]

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