Archive | June, 2010

Counter Balance statement on the Commission proposal for the EIB’s mandate to lend outside the EU

The Commission proposal for a new European Investment Bank (EIB) mandate to lend outside the European Union contains several improvements compared to the previous version and includes various points that were raised by NGOs in the past. However, it leaves many concrete aspects to further decisions and allows a broad interpretation of important obligations. And […]

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European Investment Bank Annual General Meeting 8th June 2010: A Word of Warning

It’s the European Investment Bank’s Annual General Meeting 2010. That means lots of self-congratulatory back-slapping and carefully selected statistics being waved around by men in suits. Don’t get us wrong: we at CounterBalance may be consistent critics of the EIB, but we do recognise some of the efforts the Bank is making to be less […]

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European Investment Bank: a stormy future for development

Counter Balance presents a new cartoon questioning the impossible number of contradictory tasks the European Investment Bank (EIB) has been given – will the EIB manage to cope with them all? EU Member States and the European Commission urgently need to resolve this!

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