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The Smoke and Mirrors of the EIB – on Gibe 3 Dam (Ethiopia)

Clarification on the European Investment Bank’s role in Ethiopia’s Gibe 3 Dam A statement issued June 4 by the European Investment Bank contradicts a June 3 announcement made to Friends of Lake Turkana that the Bank had withdrawn its consideration of the Gibe 3 Dam in Ethiopia. The June 4 statement is consistent with the […]

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“I want money!” – action on EIB loans to companies registered in tax havens

Action held outside the European Council in Brussels during the 51st annual meetings of the European Investment Bank by the Counter Balance coalition. The action aimed to raise awareness about EIB investments to companies registered in tax havens – loans which total in the billions of euros annually. How is it that an institution with […]

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Action Rally on EIB & Tax Haven: EIB Loans for Companies in Tax Havens Severely impact the have nots’

Brussels, Belgium – NGOs from across Europe rallied today in front of the Council of the EU in Brussels with a strong demand to the European Investment Bank (EIB), the EU’s ‘bank’ – STOP PROVIDING LOANS TO TAX HAVEN-BASED MULTINATIONALS. The Counter Balance coalition together with Eurodad, Tax Justice Network, Friends of the Earth and […]

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