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EU Watchdog Radio: Episode 10 – An EU love affair with fossil fuel

In this tenth episode, German investigative reporter Harald Schumann describes how and why many EU member states seem to still have a crush on fossil fuels. Despite the overwhelming knowledge and practical evidence of the effects of climate change, governments keep subsidizing the use of fossil fuels. Schumann and his colleagues from the pan-European journalistic […]

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Green and renewable gas: the risk of financing fossil fuels through the back door

This blogpost builds on a chapter of our recent report “The ‘EU Climate Bank’ – Greenwashing or a banking revolution?” which uncovers some of the key areas where there are genuine risks that the European Investment Bank (EIB) will support “greenwashing practices”. Among these are the false promises of “green” or “renewable” gas, a trap […]

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EU Watchdog Radio – Episode 9: EU Green Deal or Grey Deal?

In this ninth episode, Belén Balanyá and Lala Hakuma Dadci both researcher and campaigner at Corporate Europe Observatory, take a step back and have a critical look at what is currently happening with the EU flagship project the EU Green Deal (EGD). The EGD could be one of the most important and hopeful EU policy […]

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