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Thousands urge European Commission to ditch biodiversity offsetting

As the European Commission concludes its consultation on biodiversity offsetting, over 9000 people and 65 organisations have signed a letter urging the Commission not to pursue policy related to biodiversity offsetting (BO). They fear it would “harm nature and people, and give power to those who destroy nature for private profit.” The consultation sought views […]

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Biodiversity offsetting, making dreams come true

Biodiversity offsetting makes dreams come true. It is the license that can make bad developers’ dreams a reality. Across the world offsets already justify the destruction of irreplaceable ecosystems to make way for mining projects, motorways, pipelines … Europe is the new frontier for biodiversity offsets.The European Union is considering new legislation that permits biodiversity […]

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Massive EU infrastructure priority projects lack mandatory environmental assessment

EU heads of state gathering today and tomorrow will discuss the European Energy Security Strategy promoting a number of massive infrastructure projects which include gas pipelines, LNG terminals and storage facilities even though their overall environmental impact has not been adequately assessed. Environmentalists are currently battling the European Commission over this issue in Court. The […]

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Counter Balance Critique of “The EIB Statement of Environmental and Social Principle and Standards”

Contribution of Counter Balance to the ongoing development of the EIB’s Statement of Environmental and Social Principles and Standards (from 18th March 2008). Read it here

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The EIB and the environment

English version French version German version Italian version Polish version Russian version Hungarian version

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Raising the bar on big dams

Raising the bar on big dams: making the case for dam policy reform at the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank has been involved in a number of large dam projects in recent years, many of them in Africa. All could have been improved – sometimes significantly so – by more careful planning and better implementation standards. Despite making vague references to the recommendations of the World Commission on Dams, the EIB […]

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