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Tracking the records of development banks in the Middle East and North Africa: towards a new development paradigm for the region?

Launch debate and presentation of the report “The Great Middle East Beanfeast – How ‘Development’ Banks are Using Public-Private Partnerships to Carve Up the Arab Spring Countries” Remember the Arab spring, the wave of popular revolts that hit several Arab countries in 2011. They initially resulted in the ousting of cruel dictators and brought about […]

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Open letter requesting a moratorium on public lending to Egypt

In light of President Morsi’s anti‐democratic actions and the resultant violence, Egyptian and European NGOs sent an open letter to the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) calling on both public banks to stop lending to the Egyptian government: Letter to the EIB Letter to the EBRD

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Blood pours from the head of a democracy protestor while being attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood’s informal militia

NGOs call for EU public bank lending moratorium in Egypt amidst violent repression

Brussels/Cairo/London – Egyptian and European NGOs call on the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to stop lending to the Egyptian government. In an open letter to both banks, they express their concern about the current situation [1]. “President Morsi’s undemocratic power grab and the resultant violence run […]

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“All we want from Europe is that it stays away”

Khaled Ali, Egyptian human rights lawyer on the future of his country and the relations with the EU  “Socio-economic problems”, answers Khaled Ali determined when we ask him about the roots of the revolution in Egypt. “Politicians care about political problems, but the socio-economic dimension is what mobilises people.” And what mobilises people mobilises Ali. […]

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Lending to a violent military government in the name of the Arab Spring

Pictures of the brutal violence perpetrated by the Egyptian army in Tahrir Square in recent days have shown the world who is ruling post-revolutionary Egypt. Although democratic elections are taking place for the first time in the country, a military government will still guide a transition at a minimum for most of 2012 until a […]

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